About us

Our Mission

Heroes Financial Group is a Veteran owned financial agency with a mission to help ALL families across America ensure their financial stability and well-being are protected through the best financial services and products provided by our agents and carriers.
We are on a crusade and war against poverty. Too many people today go through their life never being exposed to the financial literacy and education they need to succeed. We truly believe in providing a world-class experience of concepts and strategies that are practiced by the wealthy. We provide complimentary consultations in order to empower our clients with the necessary information to enhance their lives.
Our average client isn't what you would consider wealthy by today's standards. However, we show them how to position themselves with the right financial vehicles that are suitable for their goals and the needs of their families, so they can build wealth and pass it down for generations to come!


Heroes Financial Group was born out of the People Helping People (PHP) Agency platform. PHP Agency is a national financial services and technology company with a grand vision to provide EVERYONE access to the best insurance carriers and their products offered. Our priority is to HELP and PROTECT our clients, ensuring that they're insured and in the best possible position to take care of their loved ones. Heroes Financial Group and PHP Agency are providing the tools, resources, and leadership provide agents the knowledge, resources, and leadership to become industry leaders, and to always provide professional service to clients with heroic integrity and morality.

Founder and CEO of HFG

Tobin Short, the CEO of Heroes Financial Group LLC, was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 5. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and enlisted into the United States Navy soon after. After a successful career as a Navy nuclear operator and instructor, and seeing the financial hardships of the majority of the population, to include family, friends, and fellow military service members, he found his calling in the financial services industry as a way to still serve his country in a more direct manner - with their financial education and needs. Tobin's mission is to bring the best team of financial services professionals to ALL families across the nation (and, soon, internationally) to bring more financial awareness and knowledge, in order to help people and their families be prepared for the worst, but live for the best!