Medicare Advantage Plans

Things to Consider when Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

Buying Medicare is essential as it provides you with health and financial security. The Medicare plan covers certain medical and hospital costs, which might be expensive if Medicare is absent from your portfolio.

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a private healthcare plan that can be bought in addition to the original Medicare, which covers additional healthcare costs not covered under original Medicare.

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What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medical Advantage Plan is an addition to the original Medicare. It covers services such as gym memberships required for health recovery, special nursing facilities, and dental, hearing, and vision-related services.

Only an individual with an Original Medicare Plan can buy a Medicare Advantage Plan. Private Medicare-approved companies sell it, and its premium must be paid other than the original Medicare Premium.

There are approved healthcare providers who are covered under the plan. You must choose them for healthcare services to avail the plan’s benefits.

Things to Consider When Buying a Medicare Advantage Plan

Numerous private companies are offering Medicare Advantage Plans, but one needs to be careful when purchasing a Medicare Advantage Plan in Phoenix. Some of them are discussed below. 

Do You Need a Medicare Advantage Plan?

First, you must understand whether you need it. If you or your loved one are suffering from any chronic disease that requires monthly or more frequent visits to the hospital, then the first step is to purchase Medicare. It will cover most of the healthcare costs.

Since Medicare Advantage Plan covers additional healthcare costs, you must identify your needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the first question that comes to the mind. But the cost of the MA plan depends entirely on what kind of a plan you are buying. Some MA plans cost $0, while others cost more than $150.

It is up to you how much you can spare and what services you need. But this premium is paid to the private Medicare company that sells the plan. 

Which Medicare Advantage Plan is the Best?

There are four different types of popular Medicare Advantage Plans. 


Health Maintenance Organization Plan requires you to visit only those healthcare professionals covered under the plan except for emergency care, temporary out-of-area dialysis, and out-of-area urgent care. The condition of an HMO plan is that you must choose a primary doctor for your healthcare service from the list of the network’s doctors. 


A Preferred Provider Organization requires you to visit any doctor or hospital from the network’s list. Choosing a healthcare service from out of the list costs more. 

Private Fee-For-Service Plans:

The insurance company pays a fixed amount to the doctor, and you are required to pay a certain sum when you get the treatment. A network of doctors and hospitals accept the plan’s payment terms.  

Special Needs Plan:

A special needs plan is the same as any HMO or PPO, with the only difference being that it only offers its services to people with specific diseases.

Your agent will guide you on which plan is best suited for you.

Size of Network

Every insurance company has a network of doctors, hospitals, and institutions offering healthcare services. Therefore, you must choose a company with a large network so that if you frequently commute within the state and might require emergency healthcare service, you can obtain it from any doctor on the list without worrying about the costs. 

Who Can Buy a Medicare Advantage Plan?

You can only purchase an MA plan if you are already in an original Medicare. There are certain specific dates when one can apply for it. 

Terms of MA Plan

Every MA plan has specific terms. For example, some MA plans have a waiting period before you can avail of the services.

You must go over the contract’s fine print and sign it only if you are comfortable with them. You can opt-out anytime.

It is important to find a reliable agent who works on your behalf and not on the company’s behalf and is committed to finding a suitable plan for you and helps you in every way required.

Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Phoenix

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