Importance of Health Insurance

Why is it Important to Have Health Insurance?

It is true that life expectancy has risen to 76.1 years but are people living a healthy life? Unfortunately, it is a significant question in the US, where lifestyle diseases are the top 5 reasons for deaths. Lifestyle diseases include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases, etc. These diseases affect your entire family. In addition, the constant fear of losing someone and spending every penny leaves you emotionally and financially drained. 

Thus, it is advised that you must get health insurance in Phoenix, AZ, to protect your family and their future.

Importance of Health Insurance

Buying health insurance is as important as buying life insurance. When you are bound to spend some money on health care at some point, why not use health insurance as a saving strategy? Some important points why you need health insurance are discussed here. 

A Boon for Emergencies

Imagine the following scenario: It’s the end of the month; you don’t have any savings, you are barely trying to get past the month, and you fall ill, and you have no insurance. Now, this is a major possibility if you are not a saver and are living paycheck to paycheck. In such cases, health insurance is very important. So, even if you have no money in your savings account, you can still get the best treatment, and the insurance will cover you. Health insurance is a boon for emergencies. 

Hospital Costs are Expensive

Sudden medical emergencies include hospitalization expenses, medicines, and other out-of-the-pocket expenses, which might be burdensome. And if you are admitted for a few days, it might burn a hole into your pocket without health insurance.   

Health insurance is simple and does not require a detailed explanation of all the benefits you enjoy. Instead, it covers you financially so you can focus on recovery. 

It Safeguards your Family

There are different kinds of health insurance plans available in the market. You can buy separate health insurance policies for each family member, or you can cover them under the same umbrella. After the COVID-19 pandemic and considering the turbulent times when lifestyle diseases are taking lives, it is better to get insured and secure your family. Consider the growing age of your parents, think about your recent medical emergencies, and consider your kid’s future and what the future can be for them if you spend all your money on medical bills. 

Considering all these factors, you must buy a health insurance policy and pay a peanut-sized premium to save a lot of money, thanks to health insurance. 

Rising Medical Costs

Indeed, medical costs are only going to rise. The current Health Care inflation rate in the US is 4.15%. And this rate is only going to rise. So, in case of any medical emergency in the future, you might end up spending all your savings if you don’t have health insurance. 

It Saves Taxes

There is no doubt that health insurance plans are tax-deductible. If you pay a premium for health insurance in Phoenix, AZ, you can get a tax deduction from your adjusted gross income. But there are certain rules. For example, if your employer sponsors your health insurance, it comes tax-free. But if you have a business, you can claim health insurance premiums as tax deductions if you fit the eligibility criteria. 

It is similar to killing two birds with one stone since you save your taxes and simultaneously secure your family’s health.  

Help You Fight Consequences of Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases are the ones that are caused by lifestyle changes such as excessive smoking, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity, and generally, these are chronic. Examples of lifestyle diseases are cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc. They can take lives, and if they are not detected in time, they risk one’s life.  

You must be aware that these diseases require constant medical attention, and thus, they are expensive. Without health insurance policies, it can be difficult to survive. In addition, they are mentally and emotionally draining. And the worst aspect is that these diseases often attack one suddenly. Thus, it is better to be prepared for the worst. You never know what is around the corner.

Buy Health Insurance in Phoenix, AZ

It can be quite confusing to choose a plan that fits your needs. One should buy health insurance considering one’s age, coverage, and premium. Heroes Financial Group has a team of experts who aim to find the best suitable plan for you. Our staff listens to you, understands what you need, suggests what might be the best, and then shortlist the best health insurance policies. Whether you are an individual or have a large family, or are in your twenties or ready to send your kids to college, we help you choose the best health insurance in Phoenix, AZ.

Contact Heroes Financial Group LLC today to speak to one of our agents and buy suitable health insurance. 

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